I never got around to writing an about me page until today. So….. I’m a Tom boy that likes the outdoors and motorcycles and cars. My dad got me into cars when I used to hang out in the garage while he was working on his race car. He used to drag race and he was always working on his cars. I’d hand him tools while he was buried under the hood and always seemed to have his hands full. So at first I learned what the tools were and then by the time I was ten or eleven, I was helping him do little things like I’d always get to pour the oil into the engine or try to work the tire pump. That was always hard for me when I was little because I couldn’t press down hard enough on the tire’s valve stem to get the air to come out.

As I got older, I’d help him in the garage so I could get out of doing the dishes or watching my then-toddler brother. My dad taught me all kinds of stuff and I’m surprised that any of it even stuck but it did. I’d bet I know more about cars than all my girlfriends AND their husbands. Now, I’m being tutored by my husband about cars and making repairs and things. Anyhow, I have an old Mustang that I’ve been working on when I can and I decided to just write a blog because I love cars and I also love writing. I’m one of those people that just need to continually practice things to be good at them and I want to be a better writer so you all get to be my test dummies. Hope you like it and maybe even get something out of it.