Are you attempting to get your vehicle as clean as attainable with the tiniest amount of problem and heartache? Once done right, cleaning your automotive will protect its finish, cut back the possibility of corrosion over time and keep it appearing nice. When done wrong, however, you’ll find yourself scratching the glass and paint, stripping wax and leaving ugly water spots everywhere everything.

Check out these 5 automotive wash tips to get the most out of cleaning your vehicle and avoid the most common pitfalls.

  1. Do: Opt for the correct Soap
    One of the most oft-repeated, old-school automotive wash tips is to use dish detergent for optimum cleanup power — however this additionally happens to be maybe the worst recommendation you could take when cleaning your vehicle. Dish soap is nice for dishes, because it’s developed to cut through grease, however those same robust chemicals and detergents won’t only strip the wax off of your automotive, but additionally dull the finish of your paint and trim. always use a soap that has been developed specifically for cars—unless you’re deliberately removing wax in order to reapply a fresh coat.
  2. Don’t: Let anything touch the ground
    Did you drop your wash mitt, drying fabric or detailing rag? It’s done. chuck it. Walk away. Well, perhaps not that last one, however definitely don’t use it again throughout this wash session. The tiny particles of dirt and dirt it picked up when being in touch with the ground mean it’s bound to scratch and spiderweb your paint if you use it before completely machine-washing it. For this reason, it’s useful to have a lot of additional towels and a mitt or 2 handy to use if you accidentally drop it when washing.
  3. Do: Use multiple Buckets or Rinse carefully
    Car washIn keeping with a constant theme, you’ll need to rinse your mitt off in between each dip into the suds bucket to wash off the dirt you simply removed from your vehicle. Ideally, you need to have 2 buckets at the prepared — one for rinsing your mitt and one for getting a fresh batch of fresh, foamy soap on your mitt to use on the vehicle. This is often one amongst the most effective ways that you can make sure you don’t accidentally scratch the paint while cleaning your vehicle.
  4. Don’t: Wash in Direct sun
    Most professionals caution against washing your vehicle on a bright, sunny day, as one of the keys to a correct vehicle wash is keeping it wet till it’s time for it to be properly and completely dried. If the metal is hot, the water, and even the soap, can dry up quickly due to the sun, which can leave spots all over the paint and glass. Keeping the vehicle wet with a lightweight drizzle of water, parking in the shade, or cleaning during the early evening can keep spots from forming. It’s additionally vital to rinse with an indirect spray rather than a jet blast of water.
  5. Do: Use a Microfiber Drying Towel
    Household towels fabricated from cotton or polyester are just too abrasive to be safely used on your car’s paint. A microfiber drying towel is softer and a lot more absorbent, which can protect your finish and make the drying job done a lot of quicker.

Make sure to take the required precautions so your vehicle wash leaves your ride shining — not damaged or noticed.